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Bunzl Distribution Midcentral - 58345524 - Lysol I.C. Foaming Cleaner Spray (DROP SHIP ONLY)

Bunzl Distribution Midcentral:
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Kills 99.9% of germs on hand, non-porous surfaces within 30 seconds. Formula is tuberculocidal, virucidal, fungicidal and bactericidal. Effective against HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), Poliovirus Type 1 and Hepatitis A. Prevents odors and growth of damaging mold and mildew. Meets AOAC germicidal spray product test standards for hospital aerosol disinfectants. Meets the requirements of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard for Decontamination. EPA Registration No: 777-72-675.
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Manufacturer Bunzl Distribution Midcentral
Categories Cleaning Supplies, Disinfectant Spray, Miscellaneous, Other Living Aids
Code 58345524
Sold By 12 / Case
Product Size 24 oz
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Oral Precision|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
46 Review
por.g Review from
February 21, 2021
Yes, it smells odd. BUT it is the only Lysol cleaner that I can actually use with a paper towel that does not require me to wear gloves...all other products I HAVE to wear gloves or else a droplet gets on me would cause Eczema flare-up and like bleach would send me to must-needed emergency dermatologist visit. So the odd smell can be tolerated and within an hour or so the smell disappears. I have used it during COVID times to wipe my counters after I sit groceries there to be washed in the sink. I only use it on my ceramic tile counters, on top of my white washine machine and dryer, on toilet
Nissa Review from
April 19, 2020
It's actually a GREAT cleaner.
I love this stuff. I was looking for a new cleaner when my twins were newborns, something not harmful to them. I heard hydrogen peroxide also helps get hair dye off of the bathroom floor lol... when I walked down the aisle and saw this I grabbed it. It works so well. Just as well as bleach I use a sponge to scrub dirt from the kitchen counters, the bathroom, THE WALLS! ANY surface that needs cleaning. And then I wipe the residue away with a paper towel after I am done scrubbing and everything is shiny and beautiful. My twins are about 2.5 now. And I usually buy this stuff in bulk! Bc I love it
annette.j Review from
March 12, 2021
I"ve used this product since it came out. It works great on my kitchen surfaces and cleans better than promised. It works on porcelain, glass and tile. Just spray and wipe! For tougher stains let it sit a few minutes before wiping. Lysol brand products come from an brand I trust. My family passed this knowledge to me as a child and I have passed it to my loved ones. I do not spray the cleaner around my cats. I move them out of the room first, clean and air out the room before I let them back in. Just to be in the safe side. I highly recommend this Lysol product!
meghan.f Review from
April 15, 2021
As a cleaning agent it didn't lack anything because it didn't have bleach. It is safe if u wanna clean your bathroom in whatever you have on.. I did find the peroxide helped in between the tiles and around floor base of toilets and ring around tap and water gates on sink and tub. It's a YES for me because it's a good cleaner but not opting it over any others in the br cleaning section. Just preference. Smells fresh instead of bleach would maybe be a bonus to some. I love how it is foaming immediately on whatever u spray at and has mor in it than a spray foam.
yolanda.c Review from
February 10, 2021
Lysol s hydrogen peroxide multi-purpose cleaner kills 99% of virus and bacteria. I had never heard of this formula until I went to my local Walmart to see if I can find any disinfectant spray. I purchased several bottles and I had to admit I like the cleaning action of this product. The citrus smell is not overpowering and gives a light sent to your home. I mostly use this formula in my bathroom sink and my bathtub. It is not abrasive and it cleans very well. When I want to sanitize my tub and sinks I spray on the surface for 5 to 10 minutes then I lightly rinse and wipe. It is not an expensiv
tina.s Review from
March 26, 2021
This is a newer product that also includes peroxide. Its quite effective for cleaning and removes some pretty tough stains. You might want to spray and let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe. I have actually used this in my bathtub, even though it states its for multi-purpose style cleaning. If you want to use a good cleaning product without bleach and know that it will cleanse and disinfect, this is a good choice!
anya.b Review from
May 12, 2020
I felt complete and total confidence using this spray in my bathroom. I bought it right before the pandemic of 2020 at the Dollar Tree! Little did I know that it would be nexr to impossible to find again! Anyway, it has a decent fragrance, nothing too overpowering. I hate fragrances except for the smell of pure bleach (neat freak) and this was no where near that. I used it to clean my bathroom from the ceiling to the floors when I moved in. I rinsed the surfaces to prevent streaks or buildup. This made cleaning so easy with minimal effort. I even put some in the mop bucket to clean the floor.
sidney.r Review from
December 13, 2020
This is, by far, my FAVORITE multipurpose spray cleaner, not just from the Lysol brand name, but overall, across the board, amongst ALL BRAND NAME CLEANERS! The scent is unlike any I've smelled before, and more of a sweet fresh scent in comparison to most overwhelming scents of citrus/lemon, or worse, bleach/chemicals. But this is something that makes me instantly feel better about when I spray it on anything (that's right, ANYTHING)! From sofas to linens to children's babies play yards and interactive toys! The possibilities are endless it really does a great job on my walls, too! Even my cou
Jessica Review from
August 24, 2021
Best cleanser I've ever used and smells amazing!
I love this! I saw a review that gave it a 1 star because of the smell. That person is crazy. This smells SO good. Don't listen to that reviewer they aren't right in the head. This stuff smells amazing! And it cleans better than anything just ever uses. It removes stains too!
jessica.l Review from
May 13, 2020
Originally bought this to try because my bathtub is one of those tub fitter ones. This was one of the products that was deemed safe to use with the tub. I love it! A quick spray and wipe with a sponge, then I rinse it off with the shower head. It leaves my tub squeaky clean and with a clean, light, scent. A word of caution to use this with the exhaust fan on and the window open. After you spray, give the droplets time to settle. If you breathe them in, it does feel odd (which makes sense because these are chemicals). So just be careful and you will be fine.
ashlei.m Review from
April 28, 2020
I bought this frankly because there was not any other multi purpose cleaners in store. However, this cleaner was a pleasant surprise. I have heard several people say hydrogen peroxide cleaners are stinky or whatever. However, I think it just smells like peroxide. I feel good knowing it has a clean feeling without the harsh chemicals of bleach. I actually just recommended this product to my asthmatic mom for this very reason. She is allergic to bleach but can use this product theoretically without getting an asthma attack.
shelly.f Review from
January 21, 2021
This has been my favorite "all around the house" cleaner for years. I've used others and end up tossing them and going back to this one. First, it smells nice. I don't like the newer versions at all. I hope they never stop making it! Second, it works. I use it to clean my floors, walls, counter tops, remove grease on pots and pans and anything needing grease/grim removal. Third, its economical. Everything is left clean and smelling nice.
zarif.h Review from
March 17, 2020
Lydol has been a household name for years, this formula right here is amazing. Hydrogen peroxide has an interesting way of neutralizibg mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses, that is by interrupting the protein that holds the organism together (over simplifying here). That combined with Lysol's traditional formula makes this an awesome cleaner. Remember to spray on and let it sit for at least 30 seconds before wiping or rinsing. *Always have proper ventilation begore using any cleaning products even the organic ones*
Mandy Review from
Home Depot
June 16, 2020
The best cleaner ever
I am a cleaning freak and have used this product for a long time! Its the best cleaner ever and I dont understand why anyone would say it smells horrible because it actually smells great and leaves the house smelling fresh! It cleans everything from kitchen, counters, bathrooms and more! My doctor said that most offices use hydrogen peroxide to clean because its so effective at cleaning and sanitizing. It does an amazing job and I get compliments on the smell and cleanliness of my home all the time! Love this product!
karen.p Review from
February 25, 2020
I used to use a homemade peroxide mix for deep cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, and when Lysol came out with their version some years ago, I was quite excited to try it. It has been a staple in our house for years, and having kids I wouldn't trust much else for cleaning power as well as being a safer chemical. It is excellent in cleaning capabilities, and tough spots don't stand a chance when you let the solution sit on top of the tough area for a few minutes; as the cleaner breaks everything down, you can actually see the chemicals in action with the bubbles foaming up. Slight elbow grease
seira.g Review from
May 1, 2020
This is the other cleaner besides scrubbing bubbles antibacterial that we will ONLY use in our bathrooms. Like I said prior we have a two year old in our house and lets face it, kids are gross. They will pick up anything and everything and put it in there mouth no matter where they found it so we use Lysol to clean any germs and bacteria so we have one less thing to worry about. Lysol has alcohol and hydrogen peroxide so theres two agents being used to rid the bathroom of anything nasty you dont want. No matter what the price is or will be I will buy this item until I die. I highly recommend.
marianne.l Review from
June 12, 2020
Actually love to use this for my bathtub which I need to keep squeaky clean because my 17 month old sits in it to bathe. I use it 2 times a week. I spray it all over, let it sit for a few mins and rinse it off with the shower head. Some harder stained areas I will scrub a bit but most things come off with no problem. Love the scent and that its bleach free which is important for my little one. The trigger nozzle makes it super easy to use and you can also buy a refill bottle so dont throw away your empty trigger bottle.
lynn.m Review from
March 5, 2020
I went to the store for Lusol, and of course it was out. This was the last cleaner made by lysol left so I grabbed it. I have never used one of their cleaners, only disinfectants, and was very surprised by this cleaner. It not only cleans just as well as Clorox bit doesnt have the burn that makes you leave the room. Their actually wants much of a smell bit clean....I would highly recommend this! Plus it has 0% bleach! Great deal! I love how it leaves things spotless, no streaks what so ever!!
destree.m Review from
February 27, 2021
I love this brand and this product. Its easy to use and does the trick. The smell is fresh and my house looks and feels better when I use it. I love using this before having people over. They always compliment on how fresh my house smells. Great price and worth every penny!
tanya.k Review from
April 16, 2020
This is actually a brand new product for me to use in my home by Lysol, although, I am a big Lysol brand consumer. During the #COVID-19 pandemic it was hard to find any of my normal Lysol disinfectant product cleaners. So, when I saw this I picked it up as quickly as possible to purchase. I really love the bleach foaming action that cleans away stubborn stains, hard water, disinfects at the same time. J will continue to use this product because it's now an additional Lysol daily bathroom cleaner that works perfectly for a reasonable price.
MRC Review from
February 4, 2022
No strong scent
I was impressed the first time I sprayed and used it. It didn't have any strong scent that would trigger my asthma. Very light and easy to work around surfaces. I haven't seen any residue after using. Would definitely use this product more.
Tanya Review from
December 2, 2020
Make sure to wear gloves and a mask when using!
I bought this because its been hard to find cleaning products so you kind of take what you can get. The first time I used it, it made me cough so bad from just the smell. The second time I used it for an extensive cleaning, it ate the skin off my fingers because I didnt wear gloves. It was so bad that I had no fingerprints and the skin on my fingers was shiny. After about 3 days of intense rehydration, the skin started to peel really bad. I say all that to warn you to wear gloves and a mask with this product or suffer the consequences!
haley.c Review from
March 21, 2020
I love this product so much. I use it at work to clean the toilet and bathroom daily to prevent the spread of germs. I dont like the smell. Its kind of strange, but its not awful. Its just different. A sweet but mildewy type of scent. Its probably the hydrogen peroxide in it that causes it to have a strange scent. It cleans super well though and I will use it a million times over.
hayli.n Review from
April 4, 2020
This wasnt my favorite. This makes my whole house smell like a hospital, the scent is so strong and chemically I cant use it in the day time in my house because by dinner time it will still smell of the chemicals from cleaning earlier. Maybe open your windows when you clean with this? It works and got my counters and areas clean, but the scent was just way too strong. I would strongly recommend the seventh generation one instead of youre looking for a product like this.
carrie.a Review from
February 26, 2020
I seen a post about this being used in doctors offices and such during flu season because it is highly effective at killing flu germs and other nasty germs that cause illnesses. This product also has hydrogen peroxide which is used in hospitals and many other healthcare facilities to keep germs at bay! Not to mention, I LOVE THE SMELL OF THIS!! It smells like a sweet tart candy or something :) thats just a plus. This product works miracles! Best thing to have around during cold flu season!
tabby.b Review from
February 16, 2020
This is an awesome product. I get really nauseated by most cleaning products, bleach, lemon scent. This is fresh and it takes the stains out of my white sink. It is my go to for kitchen cleaning. Not the best in the bathroom unless just cleaning the sink. For my kitchen this is far and away the best cleaning product with very little chemical smell. It cleans well and removes stains from the sink. Love it!
HappyMom Review from
July 23, 2020
Great product!
I like this product a lot! I've had trouble keeping my shower door clean because of the water spots but I after I started using this product I noticed the difference. I've been spraying my shower after I use it and leave it on. I got my clean door back! I love the scent becauae it's not too strong. it actually just smells clean. I'm not able to find it at the store but I will keep looking because I this is a keeper for my everyday cleaning.
amanda.a Review from
November 28, 2020
I love that I can use this Lysol around my little. She has some allergies and breathing issues. That limits what cleaners I can use around a toddler even more than usual. It also doesn't bother my dog, who has allergies also. Strong scents can bother them both. I also trust the brand. I've used Lysol for years. When you can find this, I definitely recommend it if you have any littles or animals in the house.
christy.d Review from
February 15, 2021
I love the scent of this cleaner. I usually have a bottle around and I actually use it to clean my desk at work. It works well and does not leave a residue at all. I use it intermittently around my house when I don't have any of my regular cleaner and it works pretty well. I recommend it for the scent alone and the cleaning power is a bonus.
emily.k Review from
June 10, 2020
I love this product, the smell is a little strong at first but smells amazing after everything is wiped down. Due to this being a hydrogen peroxide product it needs to sit after you spray it to allow the ho to dissolve any grime and get right in there. Its great for cleaning up rust stains for shaving cream cans as well as any soap scum buildup on tiles and around the rim of the tub. I dont like to use it in the basin of the bathtub as i find it can cause a slight bit of irritation on the feet in the shower. I use natural brands for areas like that
dianne.c Review from
March 15, 2021
The Lysol with oxiclean does some amazing things. On a fluke, I decided to try it on some stains on a carpet. I sprayed it, gave it a scrub with a brush and the stains disappeared. These stains had been there for years! I use it to get stains out of fabrics and everything else. I got a spot off an old lampshade that I thought was done for.
Ryan Review from
August 20, 2021
Best buy ever!!!!!
Was the only thing that got an old stain out of the carpet. The carpet shampooer, with any brand I tried in my machine and the resolve spray cleaner, didnt even fade the stain. Great for the kitchen and bathroom, used on clothing stains as well. Test it first but it has never caused damage for me and it has been absolutely amazing.
Review from
May 6, 2020
This stuff really works.I love the scent.My bathroom shower tiles are much cleaner and the job was not that hard because the product does all the work. Its a very effective product I truly enjoy the smell of this product. It has somehow made cleaning seems to clean every surface that I have put it on even some of the more sensitive. The spray nozzle is easy to pull with my finger and does not seem to clog. I have ordered this product several times and will continue to as it cleans well.
kirsten.c Review from
December 16, 2020
This is another Lysol product that I love to use. I try to keep it on hand. It is great to use in the bathroom and on tile showers. It gets the job done fast and easily. This smell is actually better than the original, however often times hard to find. The one downfall with the product is sometimes the trigger does get stuck.. I probably should take a star away for that but the product works so well!
greenfrog Review from
Home Depot
March 22, 2021
This stuff is amazing!
I had soap scum resulting from a shower constantly clogging - and it was IMPOSSIBLE to scrub off! I decided to try this cleaner and it worked like magic! I truly was blown away by its performance. I notice that everyone is selling out of this right now so I would suggest getting some now before they are gone. It really is worth it!
kerry.g Review from
February 21, 2021
Love this powerful bleach free cleaner from a brand I trust, Lysol. Living during a pandemic I want to make sure me and my family are cleaning carefully and I feel confident of that with Lysol brand products. And I love that this cleaner uses hydrogen peroxide to kill germs. No more accidentally ruining clothes as you disinfect.
noelia.m Review from
July 14, 2020
I love love love this product especially when cleaning the bathroom. I cant use bleach to clean. I do when its like the only thing I have but otherwise I dont because it make me feel like Im dying. This Lysol spray works just as well as the bleach. It has no chemicals added. It has peroxide in it. It cleans and leaves a pretty decent odor lingering. I have like 5 bottles now!
stephanie Review from
October 20, 2021
Safe and effective.
Our go-to cleaner. I like how this spray has a low EWG score and easily cuts through grime. It smells good and I am not worried about using it in my home with small children. It's hard to find "clean" products in box stores - I'm happy that this one exists and is reasonably priced for the everyday consumer.
martice.s Review from
February 9, 2021
Wonderful, fresh scent that lasts all day. The scent isnt too overwhelming. My cleaned surfaces stay cleaner for a longer periods of time compared to other brands. No white residue or streaks when I wipe my countertops. I like the squeeze trigger because I dont need to squeeze hard to get the product out. Would definite buy this again!
eileen.w Review from
November 17, 2020
If you haven't tried Lysol Power Free multi-Surface Cleaner with hydrogen peroxide, you are truly missing out. This inexpensive powerhouse has made its way to almost every dirty surface in my home. My favorite places to use it are in my shower and on my ceramic tile floors. Dirt grime disappear with minimal scrubbing and one bottle goes a long way. The scent is fresh too and not "cleanery". Fantastic!!
melissa.b Review from
February 21, 2021
This cleaner is amazing! I love it and love how well it cleans! I also love how Lysol has such a wide variety of cleaning products to choose from! Highly recommended! One of my go to cleaning brands for everything from counters, to toilets, to shower, to floors. And great price too!!
jay Review from
October 8, 2021
My favorite cleaner!
Absolutely love the smell of this stuff and it works! By far My new favorite cleaner. Works like bleach but safer. Not seeing why the bad reviews about smell and smelling like vomit? Mine is like floral scent.?
amanda.l Review from
March 14, 2020
This is a MUST have! I have a 2.5 year old boy who is mostly potty trained. Let's be honest, they are not good at aiming when potting. Someone suggested this to me, so I found this at my local dollar general. I had a coupon too. Anyway, I cannot day enough about it. I was feeling like nothing was fully cleaning the floor and toilet in our bathroom. Until I got this. It's AWESOME! I love how clean everything gets with this spray
laurah Review from
March 4, 2021
my favorite cleaner
My favorite cleaner. I use it to clean the kitchen and bathroom. I love the smell. It's a strong smell so if you don't like strong smell you make not like it. I love strong smells. It also cleaned puppy pee out of the carpet
sumita.p Review from
October 3, 2020
if you want a great product (meaning it does the job it is supposed to do)without bleach, this is for you. It works great, and for those tough bathroom CLR stains which even CLR can't get rid of, mix some of this with CLR and let it sit for a few minutes on the spot and watch the spot disappear. Bought this once in a hardware store and it was the only thing that worked in my bathroom, so when I went back for more and they didn't have it, I had to come here to find it, and find it I did! I bought a bunch of these bottles to keep in the house in case it disappears again. This stuff works wonders
Review from
April 28, 2020
This cleaner is great for the bathroom. I have 2 boys and they miss the toilet more often than I like to admit. Not only that, but they get soap and toothpaste all over. This makes sure to break down icky, sticky mess for easy clean up. The con is that it seems like the bottle goes too quickly. Much quicker than some other brands I like to use. That's why I usually try to limit use to tub rings and toilet cleaning.