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TIDI Products - 20867 - Camera Sheath B-133 Camera Model Schick CDR Cam 2000

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Camera Sheath B-133 Camera Model Schick CDR Cam 2000, 100/bx, 5 bx/ctn
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Manufacturer TIDI Products
Categories Camera Cover, Dental Supplies
Code 20867
Require Prescription? No
Store Oral Precision|Stomabags
Product notes Item for sale only in the USA
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
40 Review
Etienne Review from
December 24, 2021
Affordable cine camera
Not going to lie, when I bought that camera I thought I was taking a risk. I wasnt sure about zcam since I never heard of it before 2019. The online community is strong, but I wasnt so sure, again, if it was some kind of tribalism or if was actualy due to the quality of the product. The Zcam E2 F6 ended up being the smartest choice between the ursa mini and the black magic pocket cinema. I tried them all, and Zcam is on top for multiple reasons. The slow motions, color rendering, the multiplicity of filming options, the reliability of the cam (been using it for 1 year and a half now, never onc
Taylor Review from
August 30, 2021
Highly recommend
Coming from being a RED owner a 100% self-employed videographer for 11 years. I've shot on every camera brand except an ARRI. The image from this camera is truly special. It is very clean, sharp and detailed but somehow retains an organic filmic tone. The look of it just looks right, thats all I can say. The auto white balance works better than manually doing it. The interchangeable mounts are SOLID and CHEAP. Battery life...awesome. Lowlight...competes with the A7s's. High frame rates...abundant and completely usable. Reliability, I keep up with the firmware releases and have NEVER had a prob
KEVIN Review from
June 26, 2020
Absolutely Unbeatable at the Price, with Greater Future Potential
I've been practising with this camera for several weeks now and I'm 100% sure it was the right choice for me. There are several things that can/should/will be improved with time, and getting accustomed to such a different workflow has been tricky, but it's absolutely worth it. The dynamic range is incredible, the resolutions and framerates are reliable and impressive, the form factor is minimal and lightweight, and the flexibility is unparalleled. There are a couple things that bother me - for example, the app (which you don't technically "need" to use, but it's really stupid not to because of
Justin Review from
June 29, 2021
Best Bang for Buck Cinema Camera, Punching up in Class
I've been working with the Z Cam E2-S6 for nearly a year now, mostly as a rental, but made the jump to own and couldn't be happier with the choice, even as a late in years model. It checks the requisites: Shoots RAW, form factor, VFR, Dual ISO, storage options, swappable mounts, monitoring and app integration, solid color, for the drawbacks, options like SDI and XLR and cabling will require costs apart from the first investment. It's a system camera, so if you go into it knowing you'll build it up and strip it down into various configurations can be an empowerment - which is my take;
Christopher Review from
September 22, 2020
You don't need more than this
Like a lot of people, I have been tempted by full frame mirrorless cameras as their readout speed continues to improve and the frame rates gain parity with some smaller MFT bodies that have had 4K@60p for awhile. The impressive thing about Z-Cam is their willingness to open up new resolutions that solve specific user scenarios. The 5K modes were especially interesting to me, as that gets you 60p for a little slow motion capability, but still utilizes a majority of the sensor. It also allows me to use my DZO Film 20-70 cinema zoom in MFT mount that I originally bought to pair with an E2 model.
Pablo Review from
January 22, 2022
I don't think you can get a better camera for the price
I bought this camera a year ago. And I have used it mainly for commercials and corporate work. In terms of image quality, bang for buck, flexibility, and features I don't think you can find a better option. BlackMagic might be similar in many ways, but the boxy form factor of the Zcam and lens mount interchangeable options make this system unique. If anything, the few quirks come down to the actual physical buttons: no way to see them in the dark when shooting in low-light situations and no tactile difference between them and maybe the Zraw codec, which is not very easy to work with. The audio
Greg Review from
June 22, 2020
A solid investment
Ive had my eye on this camera since NAB last year. With the new reduction in price I decided to make a move on purchasing this camera. First impressions is its a rock solid filmmaking machine. The size and form factor of it make it a great option for handheld of gimbal use without a heavy payload to carry. There are so many ways you can record from this camera via an external monitor recorder over HDMI, USB C to an external SSD or cFast card in the camera. You also have a built in wireless transmitter which when connected to an iPhone or iPad via the z-cam app becomes a wireless client monitor
Danny Review from
June 17, 2021
The Long-Needed Upgrade for my Cinematography/Videography
First off, I have to say that I did a lot of research before buying the Z-Cam E2-S6 (through YouTube and comparing the spec sheets from this and other cine cameras from the same range) and now that I own it, I am happy to say it lives up to the praise! A long time ago I did videography for years using my Canon T2i (yes, I know!) and had stepped away from the field for a long while. Jumping back into the world of videography with new clients, I was amazed to see how far the technology has come and how affordable a cinema camera was! What I love about the E2-S6 is that it shoots in a variety of
W. Bill Review from
July 14, 2020
Work in progress
I've had the F6 for a couple of weeks now. The image quality this camera records is excellent. Ordered an Atomos Ninja V when Z CAM and Atomos announced firmware upgrades that would allow the Z CAM and the Ninja V to record ProRes RAW via HDMI. Installed the firmware upgrades. ProRes RAW recording on the Ninja V works as advertised. However, after the firmware upgrades the F6 no longer is able to trigger HDMI recording in the Ninja V in non ProRes RAW codecs. Prior to installing the firmware upgrades I was able to trigger ProRes 422 recording in the Ninja V via HDMI. Also, the Ninja V does not
Tyler Review from
April 11, 2020
Solid build, uncertain future...
So, the first thing is first- this camera is amazing! Why? It's an affordable cinema camera that can capture great 6k video footage in Z Cams proprietary RAW or standard pro-res 422, LT, HQ, or standard Rec. 709 in a LOG 2 profile. Now, the footage is a breeze to work with, except if you're shooting ZRAW since it has yet to gain support on editing suites. One has to use their conversion program, which is a time-consuming process if you've got a lot of footage to work with. I also had hot pixels out of the box, and had to run a quick calibration- this is something that should have been done at
Yaroslav Review from
July 7, 2020
A Serious Cinema Powerhouse!
As a former owner of ARRI Alexa and various RED cameras, the F6 absolutely blew me away. From the modular formfactor to the absolutely gorgeous images the camera produces this is the best camera in its class by a large margin. The camera is not only giving you tons of choices in framerates and codecs but also resolutions and aspects up to the mind boggling 24mp open gate and it just keeps getting better with the very frequent firmware updates. The cameras new update allows for ProRes RAW over HDMI up to 5.8k and it even features an internal raw format called ZRAW which is now supported by Adob
Michael Review from
November 30, 2021
Amazing camera
I owned the S6 for a year before buying the F6. My ZCams have been absolutely reliable workhorses. I love the image, the form factor, the workflow, everything. They really are incredible cameras. And the ZCam app is the best camera app I've ever used. They do have some menu quirks, but once you get past the initial learning curve, the are a breeze to use.
Quinsonta Review from
June 22, 2020
This camera has been great so far, definitely rivals my bmpcc4k. The battery life is better and the form factor is nice however you still would like to rig this up. Waiting to see the compatibility with the ninja v soon for camera control. The quick buttons make it easier to get to presets since this menu isnt as quick as other systems. The menus are easy to navigate though but theres no touch screen. I havnt seen a huge difference in quality between my pocket and this camera yet but i do enjoy the form factor, quick presets, ability for lens mount changes, and ability for Electronic ND.
ADAM Review from
June 21, 2020
Full frame beauty and a great price
This camera really is great. I started on the APS-C sensor when I fell in love with video. Moved to MFT to get more out of my camera choices. I've always wanted a full frame camera for the videography I do, but never found one at a decent price. Took a shot in the dark with this camera, and it paid off. A beautiful picture. Amazing low light. Very usable. Highly recommended. We do mostly run and gun wedding videography. Here's a video made with our E2-F6.
Derek Review from
July 12, 2020
An underrated little camera
Very pleased with the S6 build, design, use ability, and reliability. Haven't been disappointed in the least. It's the perfect size for handheld and gimbal work. Excellent image quality, codec options, and love all the flavors of ProRes it gives you. Not to mention, how often do you have a company where the owner responds directly to you if you have a question. I'm excited to see where Z-Cam will be in a few years. At this pace, it will become a staple in productions.
Anthony Review from
November 15, 2020
Great Camera
I liked my S6 a lot for the short time I had it. I moved on to the KOMODO, which I do like better. But for the money the Z Cam is fantastic. From comparisons I have watched I would even say it has a better image than the Sony a7s iii. The highlight roll off being far superior being the main selling point. Right now the only video focused cameras I would pick between would be this, the F6, the Komodo, and the Canon C70 (in this relative price range). But the Z Cam is definitely the best bang for your buck.
GABRIEL Review from
June 24, 2020
Red Komodo who?
Amazing camera for the price. I switched over from a BMPCC 6K. Main points that won me over was the form factor, modularity, and battery life. The censor is a true s35 over the BMPCC 6Ks smaller censor. Image quality is incredible too and the extra stop of DR over the BMPCC is much welcomed. Not only that the support behind the camera is great too, seems like the company is listening to their consumers and acting quickly to tend to our needs. Overall very happy with my purchase.
Ben Chxwy Review from
October 6, 2021
Great budget option for brain-style cameras
I bought it about 3 months ago and it hasnt let me down once. the menu system take a bit to understand but its fairly intuitive. I havent used it with CFast but recording to my Samsung T5 is amazing. ZLog is also amazing. I also love the versatility of the camera because its so small it fits into anything.
William Review from
July 18, 2021
ZCAM-new leader of cinema cameras
Incredible cinema camera. I?ve been a Canon guy for years but I?m so glad I took a chance and made the leap to ZCAM. There?s nothing from Canon at this price point that comes even close to being able to do what this camera does. Also the ergonomics are fantastic; though I?d recommend getting a handle with a record button.
Macgregor Review from
February 22, 2021
Buy Buy Buy
This camera... Man, its something else... It makes rappers that aint cool look cool... Videos turn to masterpieces haha... Makes skin that looks like an Arizona Mountain instantly change to the smoothest looking stick of butter ever! Na, really tho, its a great camera and worth every penny
Najee Review from
April 14, 2021
Great Upgrade from the GH5s
Don't become one of those people who claim it doesn't matter about the camera it's how you use it. This bad boy turns anything you point it at into a movie. I had the GH5s for two years and it had an very polished look. This camera blows it away.
Eugene Review from
February 3, 2021
An amazing piece of equipment with an even better price poin
The Zcam E2 S6 is simply amazing. I still can't believe the price on it. The quality of visuals you're able to produce with this is unbelieveable at this price point. I wasn't sure about going back to a super35 sensor after using full frame for so long, but the quality and wealth of options more than makes up for it.
Manpreet Review from
June 24, 2020
6K beast
6K coming out of this camera is awesome. Used Red Dragon for comparison but hardly found any difference. 4k variation of frame rate is a added bonus. Z-raw and Pro-res are awesome. Used coast card with camera and very compact setup on moza Air 2 gimbal. Dream setup
Kristen Review from
February 17, 2022
Great Camera
The Z Cam E2-S6 is a fabulous value for the money. Shoots in 6K with a beautiful color balance. It feels sturdy. Can't beat the codec options and quality for the price point.
Ching Loong Review from
January 17, 2021
High value cine cam
This cam is suitable for my usage. The color science is really nice especially the skin tone. The only con is autofocus but that is fine for me because high end cine camera dont use autofocus. Autofocus got kind of digital feeling.
Lester Review from
May 7, 2020
11/10 would buy again
Solid piece of hardware. I love the form factor, recording options, and sturdy lens mount, excellent battery life, and the great images it produces. If you have a fairly recent iPhone or iPad, just get an USB-c to lightning cable and it works flawlessly as a monitor, powered by the camera.
Harold Review from
July 27, 2020
The perfect budget Cinema Camera
I love my Z cam S6. Its perfect for my needs, and the quality is just amazing. Been using it for a couple months now, and its impressing me the more I use it. Here's a sample shots video that I made.
Damian Review from
February 19, 2020
Coming from Sony ,this is definitely a step up. The only thing I miss is advanced auto focus but I understand that this is a cinema camera. Zlog is so much easier to work with than slog,and the selections of framerates is a big win! This review will be too long if I continue. I love the camera,and the company in general.
Katarina Review from
July 22, 2020
Perfect camera regardless of price
Great and I have two Red cinema cams. I love the Z cams (also own the e2-m4) ... very solid build and quality. Both build and image quality are top shelf.. I keep one on a gimbal and the other rigged up.
Maurice Review from
August 6, 2021
Wow Quality
Moved up from M43 on Panasonic to the Z Cam S6 and the image quality is just amazing. Also like the simplified menu system on the Z CAM, the ProRes and the flat and Zlog profiles.
Ross Review from
May 20, 2020
Amazing camera with frequent updates
The E2-F6 is an amazing camera. Grab one while you can. Can't wait for the eND to come in as well. The frame rates are one of my favorite things about this camera.
GREGORY Review from
August 5, 2020
Awesome Addition to my Arsenal
So far I am loving the image from this camera. Reminds me of the image of the BMPCC4K. So far I have only done tests around the house due to Covid-19, but hope to use in on paid projects in the near future.
Nicholas Review from
February 2, 2021
form factor is great
if I had to pick, I would say the picture from my URSA Mini is slightly better, but this camera is great. it's a great mix of quality and form-factor size that makes this great for me
BRANDON Review from
October 30, 2020
The real deal
This is definitely an upgrade from my pocket 4k. This thing is a gamechanger for professionals on a budget looking to take their productions to the next level.
Gazzaroli Review from
July 15, 2020
Z CAM E2-F6 Full-Frame 6K Cinema Camera
Excellent camera, dynamic range are very good, high iso look's perfect. i will suggest this camera to every one that will step up to E2.
Sylvain Review from
November 3, 2021
We tested the camera and the image is unbelievable! It's easy to use. I recommend it.
Feedo Review from
June 25, 2021
Coming from the bmpcc6k I'm impressed with this camera... The form factor is ideal in the camera world....
Kane Review from
April 2, 2020
Very Capable
Great Design. Light and versatile while able to Record 6K RAW. Will be buying another when the industry is back.
Diego Review from
November 3, 2020
Very well built, small , durable well balanced. Until a the release a new plug in for zraw it s worthless .
michael Review from
February 11, 2021
new level of video
great camera just started real getting in to the full range of it. the base design makes it a all purpose camera
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