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Neomed - SD-S60EO - Oral / Enteral Syringe Sterile

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NeoMed Individually Packaged Oral / Enteral Syringe 60 mL Sterile. Ideal for gravity and pump feeds requiring volumes over 60 mL. Reduces or eliminates the use of enteral bags and large volume pumps (LVP's). Manufactured polypropylene material does not interfere with the delivery of lipids which is a common limitation with bag delivery methods. Capable of supporting multiple feeds resulting in improved nurse productivity. Delivers a standard 4 hour feed of up to 25 mL per hour (max rate with 100 mL) compared to 15 mL per hour (max rate with a 60 mL).
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Manufacturer Neomed
Categories Oral Syringe, Sterile Syringe, Syringe, Syringe And Needle, Enteral Nutrition, Enteral Supplies, Feeding Syringe, Medical Nutrition
Code SD-S60EO
Sold By Each
Product Size 60 mL
Require Prescription? No
Store Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
50 Review
kavet54 Review from
February 14, 2019
Good quality with one flaw
These syringes are pretty good quality. I bought them to use for measuring liquids for my fish tanks. The caps create an amazing seal, so much so that even when I filled the syringe with air and put as much pressure as I could on it, it still held. So awesome quality there. The only problem I've noticed so far is that the markings rub off pretty easily. I bought these expecting to be able to reuse them for a long time, so that was a little concerning. Otherwise, it's a great product at a good price. Additionally, I received my package three days earlier than estimated, which was a nice surpris
angela888999 Review from
October 6, 2016
This pack of 100Monoject 1ml Oral Syringehas 6x8mm short & wide tips while list
This pack of 1001cc Oral Luer Slip Syringeshas 6x8mm short & wide tips while list picture shows 4x9mm small & long tips. The pakage I received says Monoject 1ml Oral Syringeon the box. 1) The tip of this Monoject 1ml Oral Syringe is 6x8mm tip which is way too big and too wide. I had to re-purchase another brand Easy Glide Luer Slip Tuberculin Syringe 1cc/1ml which has 4x9mm small & long slim tips; 2) The plunger of this Monoject 1ml Oral Syringe does NOT come to the tip of the syringe so lost of fluids; 3) The syring has leur slip which is easy to pull off, however all 1cc/1ml syring brands ha
Review from
June 29, 2020
Wouldnt recommend for tube feeding.
I liked them because theyre labeled as 10cc but you can easy get a few more cc out of them. However didnt like them because Im tube feeding my first cleft palate puppy & I sterilize everything after each use the numbers rubbed off immediately after one use. Also I had to really wiggle it into the opening of the 5fr tube and leave for a while to have it expand to fit the opening. Getting the job done but ordering more from somewhere else
entity10 Review from
March 12, 2016
Syringe 3ml
This item does not leak the plunger is a secure fit and is easy to push or pull up or down. The Syringe is made of a durable plastic and it easy to see through and the messurments are correct. Easy to use and can be reuseable safely. Can be stored without refrigeration as long as it is in a dry place. Do not store near heat as it can damage the rubber plunger stop. Safe to use in taking medication or using to medicate pets dosages. Great to have in the home.
diannbowde0 Review from
October 25, 2017
Well made and work smoothly
These syringes work very well for me. I use them to give my poodles their daily dose of colloidal silver. I like the fact that they have cover caps on the ends and they glide very smoothly. They are well made so I can reuse them many times. They ones I had been using weren't as nice and these are still very inexpensive.
dovepeople Review from
September 9, 2017
Oral Syringes
I found these syringes most helpful to give my little Yorkie her heart medication. She could not swallow a pill so we had her medicine compounded by her Vet with her favorite molasses flavoring. This made the job so much easier. She always took it like a little trooper. Thanks so much for making them affordable.
shoppinvonne Review from
September 22, 2016
3cc syringe with cap
I would have to rate these syringes just ok. I love that they come with the cap because I am the sole user and it is used for medication so the cap is very useful. The ok part comes in with the fact that the syringe is difficult to read when filled with darker colored liquids-I have to struggle even under direct lighting to see the lines/numbers. I've had better experience with a different brand.
ledfootleds Review from
January 22, 2018
I use these for all kinds of things. Great for adding oil to jacks or small hydraulics. I store lithium grease in one for those small jobs. Seal very well and caps fit so well they're vacuum tight. Super useful and great price for quality.
lmbrjack_65 Review from
May 14, 2020
Just what I needed.
Works great for giving liquid medication to our cat. I expecially like small nozzle; it is easier to insert in the cat's mouth. Have re-used the first one once a day for nearly a week, and it's still going strong.
Review from
October 10, 2015
Oral syringe
I ordered a box of 100 to use in administering an ongoing liquid medication for an adult cat. The standard delivery was listed as 7 to 10 days, and I received it in 3 days- amazingly fast. The product was exactly what I was looking for and works very well. The plungers operate smoothly and do not hang up in the chamber, making it easy and quick to get the medication into the cat. I would recommend ordering from this business.
2015-norro Review from
January 3, 2018
Good brand, long lasting
Perfect for oral administration of medication to pets. I've used a couple other brands. These last the longest. I can use one syringe twice daily (rinsing after use) for a couple weeks before discarding.
Isolba G. Review from
March 1, 2020
pretty good
I use them to feed my pet during recovery. However, they work smoothly and well about 5 uses. Then it gets harder to use. But it is the best ones I had found (I bought other brands at Amazon, which worked pretty bad).
Delores W. Review from
August 17, 2020
Big help for little furbabies
I do fostering and smaller syringes don't always hold enough for a baby. These are great as I can continue feeding without stopping and refilling.
Alisha Review from
April 26, 2020
Not Advised for Multiple Uses
The measurements rub off pretty quick, and the plunger gets hard to push after only a few uses. I was using these for tube feeding and when you are feeding an entire litter round the clock every day, they run out quick.
moonleosun Review from
January 26, 2017
Reliable for dosing progesterone cream
We've come to rely on the accuracy and ease of use of these syringes. It's also easy to change the dose as required. When the syringe becomes balky after a lot of use, just toss and start a new one. The price makes me willing to do that.
Timothy M. Review from
May 2, 2019
Great Product
We use these in feeding of rescue dogs, mostly puppies. They are durable, and last through dozens of feedings. The tip is exactly the length needed for either tube feeding or syringe feeding.
Hannah J. Review from
July 5, 2018
Perfect for dewormer. I got them for puppies and goats and I love the size. I do a whole litter using 1 syringe and 1 for mom. Very convenient and clean. No need to dip back in because theyre big enough to hold what I need.
baystate18 Review from
December 20, 2018
Easy dispensing
These are great syringes for administering laxative gel to my cat! Not the most common use for syringes but has made life a lot easier for my cat in receiving his hairball prevention ointment.
Review from
May 26, 2016
Perfect to administer meds to preemie
These are great for administering medication to my preemie son. They slide smooth, and come with caps so I can measure them out in advance. Doing this means I can be assured he is getting the exact amount even if someone else administers the meds.
Amber Z. Review from
May 7, 2022
Love having these on hand
Love having these on hand for meds, pedialyte Or deworming for mom
Tina R. Review from
November 8, 2020
Bought these and after one use of hand washing the numbers washed off. I wont purchase these again.
rick1947dog Review from
September 13, 2017
Great for hand feeding
I am using these to hand feed some baby lovebirds . They work great and they make feeding time go easily and quickly. They fill easily and deliver the formula smoothly
Barbara L. Review from
May 7, 2021
Just what I needed. I
Just what I needed. I have ordered these over the years & very happy with them.
epr1604 Review from
December 6, 2016
Good oral syringe for the money
Smooth operating syringe for giving an animal medicine with easy to read measurements on the barrel. Very reasonably priced too.
deborahmason Review from
October 15, 2019
good syringe
This is great for administering medication to dogs and cats. The caps come in handy when you pre-fill the syringe.,
thehol9452 Review from
August 17, 2021
Will tell others about them
Came quick. Very well made.
toon_3536 Review from
June 1, 2021
Need more information on (products)cear.
Material to soft for one handed user's
Phyllis T. Review from
May 6, 2021
Arrived on time perfect size
Arrived on time perfect size to give vaccinations
brimara Review from
August 12, 2019
Small dog needs her meds
These are perfect for med admin for a small dog. The pull and push are very smooth.
Christine N. Review from
April 22, 2021
Great product
I purchased these to use for an art project - work perfectly.
grarge-lyzmflyd Review from
March 24, 2020
Nice product
Speedy delivery, very ledgeable, this product made me giving oral medicines to my dogs.
Review from
November 16, 2015
Outstanding customer service!
I was overwelmed by the products online, so I decided to place my order over the phone. The lady I spoke to was very nice and patient. I plan on calling to place my orders from now on. On top of that, I received 2/3 of my order next day, even though I only requested standard shipping. The other order I received it 2 days later. The products were also very good quality at very affordable, very reasonable prices.
frankie147ihcc Review from
July 21, 2020
good value
works perfect! happy cat happy life!
boberstein1 Review from
February 16, 2018
10 3cc MONOJECT ORAL Syringes 3ml non-Sterile NEW Syringe Only No Needle w/CAP
Great deal! Great product
Jackelyn H. Review from
November 17, 2020
Must have
Great for administering any liquid, medication, dewormer.
dmaks0535 Review from
January 14, 2019
Just what I needed and a great value
Exactly what I needed for giving our sweet kitty his medicine, and at a great price!
desertholly99 Review from
February 7, 2017
Excellent Syringe
This small syringe is perfect for feeding small animals that need to be handfed.
Review from
October 31, 2015
I really love my syringe that I ordered from your company thanks for a fast delivery.I use them for jello shot for a bonfire party, they were the talk of the party!They were the bomb!I will be ordering them next year!!!!Thanks so Much!!!!!
ibar8535 Review from
July 3, 2018
Served the purpose very well!
I needed this to administer my cat's medication, it's the best I ever used for that purpose!
ricjarvi-0 Review from
September 10, 2018
Don't fit blunt tip needles. But product us good. Totally my fault for not checking
ruthb5902 Review from
July 17, 2018
Syringe for my pet
Very convenient size for carrying around for my pets medicine.
Joan L. Review from
February 7, 2021
very good product and fast
very good product and fast delivery
choochooben Review from
August 25, 2016
great to use for oils and perfumes
really worked well for me to transfer oils to a special oiler that I have.
gebedo_0 Review from
December 3, 2018
Good product
Product is what it should be. It does the job.
hawaiirick Review from
June 4, 2019
Syringes are great for oral meds for my kitties!
very satisfied
toad-forest Review from
March 28, 2020
smooth action
i'm using them for epoxy delivery, working good
Elizabeth S. Review from
June 13, 2020
Always fast easy and convenient..
Always fast easy and convenient..
Steve W. Review from
September 11, 2019
10 syringe pack was a
10 syringe pack was a great bargain
dsgsuhoo Review from
January 23, 2017
Great value!
Great product for syringe feeding guinea pigs!
dtaterdonna Review from
August 6, 2016
Good syringes
Nice quality. Got product fast.