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Lagasse Sweet - DIA00213 - SANITIZER ANTIB HND 16OZ

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Manufacturer Dialsuplys
Categories Cleaning Supplies, Hand Sanitizer, Janitorial Products
Code DIA00213
Sold By Carton
Require Prescription? No
Store Oral Precision|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
46 Review
C.S. Review from
March 8, 2021
Subtle Scent
Dr. Brite's hand sanitizers are the only ones I use. I first came across them mid-2020, when there were shortages everywhere and you could not find any sanitizer (or TP ;). I did not like the price at first, thinking it was too high. I needed it badly however, so I went ahead and purchased a 2-pack. I was immediately thrilled with the purchase when I received it quickly and opened it. The containers are sturdy, but best of all is the formula. These hand sanitizers do not leave a sticky residue like most of the commercial brands. You feel as if you have actually cleansed your hands instead of m
Ron C. Review from
June 4, 2020
Muchas Gracious!
I should probably be asking you ladies for some forgiveness? Me being the 21st Century version of an absent-minded professor 'n all. I had been meaning to sit myself down and thank Dr. Brite/aka/wonderful women for providing me with such a wonderfully scented hand sanitizer at a time when all of the shelves in my neighborhood were about as barren as the fabled sands of the Kalahari Desert. They were empty! But lo and behold, as fate would have it, I chanced upon a television ad that purported to have the very item that had managed to elude me at a crucial time in our ongoing pandemic. Voila! I
Janet T. Review from
August 30, 2020
My favorite hand sanitizer!
I first purchased Dr. Brite hand sanitizer at the beginning of the pandemic, when stores were sold out. I really liked the product, but in the ensuing weeks, hand sanitizer supplies became more plentiful, from a myriad of companies, at lower prices. After trying several different brands, (including some that have been recalled), I came back to Dr. Brite. Why? Because it is a superior product. Consistency/texture: light spray vs heavy gel which doesn't leave hands feeling sticky Scent: The light citrus scent is refreshing, especially compared to some other brands, whose strong odors lead me to
Star Review from
April 4, 2020
Excellent sanitizer!
I received my first ever order yesterday! I ordered on March 24, and it arrived today, April 3 all the way here on the east coast from CA. Timelines are exactly as indicated on the website. In fact I received it faster than I expected. I've searched the world over for sanitizer. You can only find it online from small businesses. I specifically looked for ones that were already established with good rapport rather then the many that popped up out of nowhere in the last month to specifically just sell sanitizer. I researched it thoroughly before I decided to try Dr. Brite Naturals, and I find th
bully p. Review from
May 13, 2020
Non drying or irritating for sensitive skin
I randomly came cross this product on Instagram and liked the ingredients. So i took a chance and went big, family pack, to save money and because all other popular and major store varieties were impossible to get. Plus, it had the recommended CDC virus killing properties. FIRST, it came within a few days or ordering so that was awesome. It is a gel and the smell is overwhelmingly isopropyl alcohol when rubbing it in, but it dries with a hint of orange citrus smell, and no joke, it makes your hands soft and feeling moisturized. I get a rash using Purell for some reason and this Gel does not do
Soroya G. Review from
April 10, 2020
Dr. Brite appeared on my Facebook page after I went on a hunt for hand sanitizer like everyone else. After trying to secure sanitizer at all the stores with no luck, I decided to purchase because I was not having lucky with any main online retailers, and going out every day from store to store trying locate the product was dangerous. Yes, the price tag is hefty in terms of what I was used to paying for hand sanitizer. However, knowing this is medical grade sanitizer with natural ingredients, I felt comfortable with my choice. And when I received the product, I was very pleased. This is a small
Jerry E. Review from
July 19, 2020
Havent Got Sick, Must Be Working.
Like many other reviews in here, I can attest to the strong citrus alcohol scent. If its string enough to tweak the hairs in my nose, think what it must be doing to all the ugly germs. It smells like the stuff the nurses and doctors put on their hands. Maybe thats why the brand is called Dr. Brite! In all seriousness, its a light sanitizer that glides on smoothly and leaves the hand disinfected, smooth without the dryness. I actually bought this with Castile soap which Im also impressed with. I start out by washing my hands with Castile soap for more than 20 secs and follow with this powerful
Alvin A. Review from
August 3, 2020
Rejuvinate Protect
At first, I thought it felt too thin when applying to my hands. I was used to the major brands jell like feel. After using it a while, I noticed it was more gentle on my hands. I definitely would recommend this product for hand sanitation. Admittedly, I bought the first bottle because I couldn't find the major brands in stock, but I'm glad I did because it is a superior product (although a little pricier than I expected). I just purchased a second bottle and feel it's worth the premium. A side note which I appreciate about the product is the pick-up tube inside the bottle goes all the way to t
Katherine R. Review from
April 14, 2020
Fantastic Product
I am a huge fan of this product. The alcohol smell is pretty potent at first (because it's hospital grade, I'm assuming) but after a few seconds, the smell dissipates and your hands smell like you were just picking oranges. Also, they are soft after use as opposed to being dry and crackly which was happening with my other sanitizers. It is a bit sticky until it dries; I'm guessing that's from the moisturizing aspect of the product but overall, I think it's highly effective and smells great. Also the company was very clear and communicative about when I could expect to receive my order so that
Robin F. Review from
June 3, 2020
Hand sanitizer
I was so extremely pleased with the hand sanitizer that I ordered two gallons of the sanitizer, 5 of the purse size and 2 of the 16oz. Bottles. I actually wrote in to the web page about knowing frontline people that they would donate too but was disappointed that I never heard back. My husband and I own a funeral home in a very small town in the southwestern part of Virginia. We along with our employees are on the frontline daily. We have had a hard time in getting hand sanitizer in our area. When I tried this it was so amazing that we put one of the gallon size bottles in our funeral home. No
Kelly A.-.T. Review from
April 20, 2020
Very Happy with this product!
Leary to order a product from facebook - but this product is fabulous! I was unable to locate hand sanitizer anywhere and came across the Dr. Brite promotional ad on Facebook. I ordered their product and it was answered as promised - very quickly and nicely packaged. They communicated shipment status the entire way through. This sanitizer goes on great and it is not sticky at all - no burning sensation whatsoever and has a beautiful citrus scent. I have a child with "Sensory Processing Disorder" who struggles with so many products due to strong smells or the sensation on his skin and he LOVES
Arrina K. Review from
May 5, 2020
Excellent and safe product.
I use hand sanitizer hourly at my job. When this hit I was prepared, I had several bottles stored but I also knew that I would need to refill those bottles long before the Gov't stopped playing games. I did a lot of research and was not happy with the items I was finding for sale, there was price gouging and most of the products were from China which is also a nogo for me. Along came Dr. Brite. The shipping was as expected but the product arrived without flaw and without a lot of stuffing that I would have to dispose of. The tracking of the package was perfect and the item itself arrived 1 day
Tami L. Review from
May 1, 2020
Love it !
This hand sanitizer is the best i have ever used. Its not as thick as the cheaper brands that one can (usually, pre Covid 19) buy at a store, a little goes a long way. It does make your hands soft and smells good once it is rubbed in too! I bought the Value Pack to share with my adult kids, siblings, and elderly mother. It was well with the money. I read on one of the comments on Facebook that , yes, this is more expensive, but its like comparing it to buying a cheap pair of shoes (the cheaper store brand$, to buying a higher quality and more expensive pair of shoes (Dr Bright), and boy, was t
Jay H. Review from
May 1, 2020
Ordered the value pack of sanitizer since I work in the health care field and finding anything locally has been impossible. I like that this is not the minimum 60% alcohol so it offers better protection. One of my initial concerns was how it would affect my skin as sanitizer with higher alcohol content can be damaging. Fortunately that was not the case. I have gone through a large and small bottle so far and it leaves your hands in good drying or cracking. The smell is strong but I personally like that and after the alcohol smell fades it has a pleasant citric smell which is also ni
Sharon N. Review from
May 2, 2020
Leaks easily, strong scent, good customer service response
When I had recieved my sanitizer, they were covered with yellow stickiness where the product had leaked out. I found that when I opened up the pump to use the product that the sanitizer would leak from the pump, even though I had never touched it, i had only grabbed the bottle. I contacted customer service - they told me to cut the straw shorter inside and unscrew the pump and then screw it back on, but the problem still occurred. I have my sanitizer in my car in the cup holder, and when i returned from an errand, it had released from the pump on its own, and then my car was sticky all over. I
Rashel Review from
April 30, 2020
PERFECT for Sensitive Hands!!
I have eczema and hate using hand sanitizer; my hands get very dry and my skin will crack if I'm not careful. I have been using this sanitizer multiple times a day since it arrived and my hands are not drying out, at all!! In fact, they feel soft, smooth, and moisturized all day long. Plus, the smell is kids LOVE it too. You can smell the alcohol initially, but when the product dries you are left with a very yummy (not overwhelming or chemical) citrus scent and super soft hands. I gave a bottle to my mother, who loved it so much she purchased her own bundle that day! I just order
M. O. Review from
May 15, 2020
Will Order More!!
Obviously, we all know that we can't find hand sanitizer anywhere. I saw the ad for Dr. Brite on Instagram, read the reviews, pondered a few days on whether or not I should order some hand sanitizer. A few days later, I placed an order for the travel pack and a 16oz. bottle. The travel pack arrived somewhat quick (maybe 4 to 5 days). Not bad considering how some packages are now taking 2 to 3 weeks. The other 16oz. bottle arrived 2 weeks later. Anyway, the hand sanitizer is awesome. Does not dry your hands at all, like other hand sanitizers out there. The smell is strong at first and then you
Clean &.G. Review from
April 11, 2020
Staying Healthy and Soft (hands!)
I am so grateful to have found Dr. Brite Hand Sanitizer. In the midst of covid19, it is very hard to find products to help keep us healthy. What a relief to have found this product. I am committed to living a toxic free lifestyle, and the traditional anti-virus products are counter to what I use. Yet we are in the a unique situation and need to follow guidelines to stay well. This is a great solution! I was then so pleasantly surprised to find that it not only smells good, and is attractive on the counter, but my hands are so soft! Everything else, including frequent hand washing, has made my
Traci D. Review from
May 1, 2020
Absolutely LOVE this sanitizer!
I ordered this hand sanitizer for the first time, as we are unable to find any on the shelves here in Louisiana. After reading the reviews I decided to try it out. We have 5 adults in our house, so I ordered the value pack. My whole family loves it. It is not as thick as the ones in the stores and smells so very nice. You can smell the alcohol (and Im thankful for that) when you first pump it in the hand, and then the wonderful citrus aroma! There is NO sticky residue. I received my order a few days after it was shipped. Daisy in shipping is the best..she communicated with me when I had questi
Chelsea P. Review from
April 9, 2020
Strong alcohol smell
I decided to give this hand sanitizer a try since it has been very difficult to find any in stock elsewhere. It is pretty pricey and I normally would not pay this much for hand sanitizer but desperate times... This hand sanitizer has a very strong and overwhelming alcohol smell compared to other hand sanitizers I have used. I barely smell the citrus in it. I really wish the citrus smell was a little stronger so that maybe the alcohol smell wouldn't be as noticeable. I do like that it has hydrogen peroxide and moisturizers in it. The consistency is nice and it dries well. Does not feel sticky a
Jessica V. Review from
April 30, 2020
Saved My Hands
I'm sure like everyone else, I was constantly washing and sanitizing my hands. They started to crack and my skin was rough and painful. I ran out of my store bought sanitizer, I searched everywhere to find more. A lot of companies looked super sketchy, and I worried that the formulas were not up to CDC standards. Dr Brite caught my eye, I read reviews, and did my research. The price was a little high but definitely on par with other companies. After using it for a month now, I am so happy with my purchase. This formula is effective, you can smell the alcohol (ends with a citrus scent) but is s
Miriam O. Review from
April 17, 2020
Not bad given our new normal
I'm happy to have this product given the current pandemic. In other circumstances, I would never spend $20 on hand sanitizer and I'd never advise anyone else to either. As far as the product goes: 1. The texture is pretty thin and it air dries quickly. 2. The pump is strong, so keep your hand nearby so you're not hand sanitizing your pants and/or floor at the same time 3. It has a bit of a citrus scent, but overall it smells more like alcohol. Like I said, I'm glad I have it. It gets the job done. In a normal world setting I would not buy it again or tell anyone else to buy it. I think the pri
Dan F. Review from
May 24, 2020
Have to trust
I can only give it a three as I have no idea if this works as it should or not. When I first opened it, I smelled alcohol. I tried some and closed the plunger tightly as it comes from the factory. Opened the top the next day and could not smell alcohol. This is a different formulation than the aloe based hand sanitizers as it has glycerine and hydrogen peroxide. I bought another brand I found on line, previous to seeing Dr. Brite on TV, that also has this same mixture. I cannot smell alcohol in it either. I've made my own with some aloe vera gel and isopropyl alcohol I had. That smells of alco
Victoria Review from
May 17, 2020
Love the hand sanitizer
I purchased this hand sanitizer when it was very hard to find but am so happy I did. I work in healthcare and every winter have very cracked hands from hand sanitizer and hand washing. This sanitizer does smell of alcohol at first but then the citrus smell comes out and is very pleasant. It does not dry my hands out and is not sticky like some of the recent products we have at work that never used to be. Once I received the product and saw how good it was I ordered more for my parents. I have shared this with many people at work who have ordered and are very pleased. While the price is higher
Lily Review from
April 17, 2020
So happy
After weeks of freaking out that I'd never be able to get hand sanitizer, I was soooo happy to receive this product. I REALLY wanted a big gel pump for my house. All the other new sanitizers I've been seeing are sprays. I also wanted to be sure it was strong enough to kill germs yet also didn't have any super-drying ingredients. This is PERFECT! It literally smells like a grapefruit vodka cocktail when you first pump it out, which I think is ideal and indicative of its strength :) and once you rub it in, it just smells gently of grapefruits. I am a bonafide germaphobe and this product brings m
Stephanie Review from
May 9, 2020
Overall good
I did not have any hand sanitizer when COVID-19 started so I was weary about this website being legit and actually sending me the products I ordered. The products were delivered as promised (I ordered the 4 smaller bottles in a bundle) and very timely. The product is strong, but has a lovely citrus scent. Doesn't seem to dry out my hands but I've used the hand sanitizer sparingly (usually hand wash more often). I do think the product is priced higher than normal. That could be the "quality" of the product or because of the demand. It's great there is an option for consumers (non-medical/frontl
Vanessa D.B. Review from
May 4, 2020
Best Hand Sanitizer
I love Dr. Brites hand sanitizer . My family loves it. Dr. Brites Hand sanitizer is made in the USA by professional women. The ingredients used to make this product make this hand sanitizer superior to other hand sanitizers . It contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol , Aloe Vera, and Essential oils. It is organic. When you first use it , it gives off a strong Alcohol smell for a few seconds, but as you rub your hands , you then will smell a wonderful citrus smell. The best part it leaves your hands so smooth and silky. Not sticky like other hand sanitizers. It is quick and easy to order. The delivery
D C. Review from
May 26, 2020
Amazing! Strong but gentle to sensitive skin
I have very sensitive skin especially my hands and I have tried many hand sanitizers, not using them much as they would all irritate my hand skin and my doctor had advised against using them or even much soap. But given our current need to sanitize while out without any soap and water, which also irritates my skin, a hand sanitizer is a must. I go to the hospital almost daily and need the protection. This Dr. Brite hand sanitizer does not irritate my skin in the least, even with repeated applications and actually gentler than my gentle soap, but, I can smell the alcohol content which I know is
Andrea Review from
May 12, 2020
Great but expensive
I am happy with the sanitizer I purchased from Dr. Brite. I was concerned with the alcohol content being watered down but I can definitely smell the alcohol as well as the citrus scent. I honestly prefer it over Purcell because Purcell doesnt have the nice citrus scent. It doesnt leave your hands sticky and dries like any other decent sanitizer would. I reached out to Dr. Brite regarding my shipping date and they promptly answered. Customer service is on top of their game. I do wish I didnt have to pay the amount I paid for the product, as I never thought Id be spending $130 for something like
Ellen A. Review from
April 21, 2020
The Best Ever!
This is absolutely the best hand sanitizer I have ever used in my life. All of my family loves it too! It doesnt dry your hands out Its refreshing The alcohol dissipates and leaves a delicious all natural orange smell like youve just peeled an orange! I even take a pump full in my hands and sanitize things that I unpack right from the mail and from the grocery is absolutely the best! Check the ingredients of all the others that youve been using Nothing can compare to this one! You have to try it! You wont regret it! Thanks to Dr. Brite and your whole team for making such an amazing
Nicole S. Review from
May 1, 2020
Quality Product and Exceptional Customer Service
Initially, I was apprehensive about ordering from Dr. Brite because I had never heard of the company until I started searching for hand sanitizer. I ordered the family pack which included four large bottles and four travel sizes. The communication regarding my order was excellent and I received frequent updates regarding the status of my order, shipping and delivery. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the bottles, and the sanitizer. I love the smell and the quality of the ingredients. The best part is that the sanitizer does not dry out your skin like other hand sanitizers. While a
Tracy Z. Review from
May 8, 2020
Works great and smells good!
I'm a long time regular user of hand sanitizer. I always have some with me to make sure my hands are free of harmful germs when I'm away from home. When Covid19 popped up, I knew that I was going to need to replenish and of course couldn't find any of the usual stuff. I found Dr. Brite and thought I'd try it. It works great! Initially there's a strong alcohol smell, but that's how you know it's working. It dissipates quickly leaving a very pleasant and mild citrus smell behind. It's like after you peel an orange and wash your hands and there's just a little bit of the scent leftover. It's not
Anna C. Review from
May 14, 2020
Great Sanitizer for Good Price
Reasonably priced product (for current times) with pleasing scent and recommended 70% alcohol. Overall happy with this. I work at the hospital and keep this in my car. 1 star off for some silly few cons regarding the advertising: -It is a little odd that it says "for best use, wash hands before using sanitizer" - the whole point of sanitizer is that you don't have access to soap & water. Sanitizer does not get your hands any cleaner than soap & water, and Sars-CoV-2 is easily destroyed by a thorough handwashing. You don't need the sanitizer on top of that. -Is there such thing as non-vegan han
Shawn C.F. Review from
May 28, 2020
Breath Taking
I'll give Dr. Brite 5 stars. The products smells wonderful- it feels just as soft as the smell :) It went over well with my family over the weekend and everyone was wanting to know where I got it from. Shared the information, but the price is little too steep, so I have shared what I purchased. I've placed another order for the other products that has been offered, but this may be my last time, my husband said it's too expensive. We purchased the hand sanitizer because we were unsure how long this COVID-19 was going to last and we were unable to find any sanitizer in the stores, and he said I
JoDe S. Review from
July 5, 2020
Excellent product!
This is an excellent product. It shipped quickly and is very easy to use. The consistency is good, not too thick nor too thin. It does smell like alcohol, but thats a great disinfectant! I like that it contains 70% alcohol plus hydrogen peroxide. It has a pleasant citrus after smell and rubs nicely into the skin. It does not irritate my skin and I have very sensitive skin. I also like the pump bottle and label. Both can be easily washed with water to clean them or wiped down with the product itself. The label does not disintegrate either way! Made in the USA so I trust it!! I highly recommend
Cyndi G. Review from
July 10, 2020
Hand Sanitizer
The order for hand sanitizer arrived today. Shipment was quick and the package was intact. I applied a small amount of the gel to my hands. I could smell the 70% alcohol only when I held my hand underneath my nose. Once the gel dried (which was quickly) the smell of the alcohol disappeared and there remained a faint citrus fragrance. Now, 2 hours later, the citrus fragrance has all but disappeared. My hands are very soft, not dry or sticky feeling at all. I ordered the 5 bottles (3.4 oz) so I could share with other family members. I told everyone to keep their bottles, so, next time I will ord
Nbert Review from
May 15, 2020
Great product
I couldnt find hand sanitizer everywhere and needed multiple bottles for work. Im a realtor and want it at my listings for showings. An ad for this company popped up on my phone and said they had hand sanitizer in stock, a package (4 big bottles, 4 little bottles). It was perfect for me. A little pricey in my opinion, but I needed it. It came faster than it said it would and faster than I thought it would. And I love it. Nice packaging, very good quality. Actually smells like hand sanitizer (strong alcohol smell, but thats what makes me believe its doing its job) but leaves hands moisturized +
Mallory H. Review from
April 26, 2020
Great buy!
I bought this as there was no wher I could get sanitizer and the reviews were pretty good. I figured I'd stock up just in case. The sanitizer is a good size. Upon applying, it is quite thin with a strong alcohol smell, but once dry it smells like citrus and my hands were actually soft and felt hydrated. I have been using this for well over a week and have one at home and one in the car. It is still not drying. I work in a dental office and prior to the pandemic was applying sanitizer more than regularly and my hands were cracking everywhere. This has not done that. The price was also great. So
Jason S.D.C. Review from
October 4, 2021
No Tequila Here
This is the third time purchasing Dr. Brites citrus hand sanitizer since Covid started. Its strong and smells great, unlike many sanitizers now that are made in tequila or vodka distilleries and smell horrible. It doesnt leave your hands feeling sticky either. Its been a dependable solution so thats why I keep buying it. It also taste really good. lol. Just kidding.
Kara Review from
May 13, 2020
Hand sanitizer is a good product
This sanitizer leaves a great subtle citrus scent and doesn't appear to dry out the hands. I didn't mind the at-first stronger scent people seem to comment on. I would order products again from this company. However, just to offer some constructive feedback-- I do wish they were more affordable to the average customer especially during a pandemic. I surveyed their site for weeks to see if at least any discount or shipping relief, since it really isn't discounted to begin with. Also, from ordering to finally receiving the product it took almost 3 weeks. I had already found some product in the s
Frances G. Review from
April 14, 2020
Amazing find of a hand sanitizer
I responded to your ad on social media. I had never heard of Dr. Brite and I was impressed with its natural ingredients, particularly the citrus oils. I ordered four of the larger bottles: two for myself, two for my BF. Amazing! I like the non-chemical smell, and it feels good on my hand without drying them out excessively. I keep my bottle at my hallway table, to remind me and my BF to sanitize ourselves when entering the house. Roger enjoys this product, too. No worries about hand sanitizers not being available in the stores; this is a better alternative, well worth the higher price tag. Tha
Charlie Review from
July 15, 2020
Pretty Good Sanitizer
I bought this at a time when hand sanitizer was very difficult to find, and if you could, the price was not affordable. Dr. Brite's Sanitizer seems to do the job. Labeled as "Citrus Hand Sanitizer" (and with several reviews stating it), I anticipated it to smell like oranges or fruit. This was not the case. You can smell the 70% alcohol for sure. IMO, I think the "normal name-brand" sanitizer smells better, but I'm getting used to the Dr. Brite. Other than adapting to the smell, it's actually really good. It goes on easy. It dries quickly. It does not leave my hands sticky. The pump bottle is
Hanh T. Review from
April 18, 2020
Excellent hand sanitizer
I bought this hand sanitizer after looking around for a while and couldn't find any where. One of my friend recommended me to get this. It costs more to compare to other products but the quality is much much better. My hand skin is quite soft and smooth after using this. During our tough time of pandemic, it's worth to have one and leave it in your car. I use it right away whenever I get back to my car. And I feel much more secured and safer after I put this on my hand and have a dry hand wash :) One thing I quite often use it but my hand skin doesn't get dry and red at all like other hand san
Lynn M. Review from
July 9, 2020
Love Dr. Brite Products
We initially purchased from Dr. Brite because they were donating products to hospitals and first responders with each purchase, but we are sold on the products we have purchased so far. The hand sanitizer does not appear to dry my hands as much as others. Nice scent too! I love the fact that the hands sanitizer also contains hydrogen peroxide in addition to the 70% alcohol required to kill COVID. And I love the castile soap! Again, this soap doesn't appear to have the skin drying effects like other soaps, which is nice since I wash my hands a lot more now! We just bought the gallon refill! A l
Erin L. Review from
May 5, 2020
Excellent Service - Awesome Product!
I am so impressed with this product. It has a pleasant smell and also feels super effective. I appreciate how Dr. Brite Naturals educates the consumer about the ingredients. This is not knock off hand sanitizer. I purchased this for my family-owned small business so we could re-open our store when our state Stay-At-Home order is lifted. Dr. Brite Naturals rush-shipped our product so we'd have it in time. We now feel a great peace of mind having this located throughout our store for our customers to use. Their customer service is excellent. It says so much about a company when they respond to e
Diane M. Review from
August 6, 2020
Absolutely the best :)
Dr. Brite hand sanitizer is by far my favorite. As an RN, I have always used some type, usually Purell, and it was alright. When this corona virus began to flourish and options were limited, I tried many kinds. Most left a slick layer on my skin or smelled horrid- all irritated my skin after a few days. Dr. Brite smells strongly of alcohol for just a bit, making me feel its safe, then fresh and citrusy. And it leaves no sticky residue. I keep it everywhere, in my cars cup holder I squirt a little on my hands and rub it over my steering wheel. It hasnt stained the leather or left a trace. It ne
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