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Bunzl Distribution Midcentral - 58344828 - Disinfecting Spray, 19 oz, Crisp Linen, (DROP SHIP ONLY)

Bunzl Distribution Midcentral:
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12 / Case
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FSA Eligible
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Kills 99.9% of germs on hand, non-porous surfaces within 30 seconds. Formula is tuberculocidal, virucidal, fungicidal and bactericidal. Effective against HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), Poliovirus Type 1 and Hepatitis A. Prevents odors and growth of damaging mold and mildew. Meets AOAC germicidal spray product test standards for hospital aerosol disinfectants. Meets the requirements of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard for Decontamination. EPA Registration No: 777-72-675.
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Manufacturer Bunzl Distribution Midcentral
Categories Cleaning Supplies, Disinfectant Spray, Miscellaneous, Other Living Aids
Code 58344828
Sold By 12 / Case
Product Size 19 oz
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Oral Precision|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
41 Review
antkath Review from
November 24, 2021
I love this product. It is so clean and fresh smelling all while being a disinfectant. I spray all through my house, my car, and especially on high germ areas like the bathroom, faucets, cabinet handles, door handles, and even spray my mailbox for the safety of the mail carrier. I love it!!! I have asthma and this does not trigger an attack which is a big plus for me. I have given cans of this to my family and friends and they love it also.
Primrose Review from
July 25, 2020
Can't find it....
The product itself is good but you can't find it! Saw it was available via the website for in-store purchase only, but when I got to the store the associate said if it's not on the floor it's not there at the store. Either the website is wrong or the associate just didn't want to look because the website still says it's there. Stopped at a different store and the associate actually went to the stock room to find the products. Barely managed to get 1 pack of wipes but need the spray for large objects like furniture. Can't wash a mattress or sofa. :( Please make more or prevent people from hoggi
z.l Review from
February 15, 2021
Great disinfectant! Kills and disinfects against Coronavirus. Scent strong! I love the scent the most. It's a good cleaner. Expect the scent to last long after you finish spraying. Very affordable.
michelle.l Review from
April 8, 2021
This spray smells wonderful and does its job of disinfecting! I love how the smell isn't too overpowering like the "other" disinfecting brands and I also like how Great Value has a variety of different scents. This disinfectant spray also doesn't leave a film or sticky mess on top of the surfaces I spray.
kelly.s Review from
October 2, 2020
This spray works just as good I think. Can't see it killing the germs but I'll roll with the claim it does just as, lysol. Gotta save every penny I can. This smells good and helps around the house. Can give peace of mind when someone gets sick. Don't need to disinfect everything every day, body has to get sick sometimes to build immunity. Just let it take its course unlike what govt says. Masks don't save, Jesus does.
Toby1225 Review from
March 28, 2021
A must have, at a fraction of the price!
Due to the pandemic, disinfectant sprays have been incredibly hard to find sometimes. I've purchased the Great Value brand prior to the pandemic and have always been pleased with its scent and performance. Thankfully, while other brands have been hard to find, Walmart has done a great job keeping this in stock as much as possible!
Sandy Review from
May 13, 2020
Not the quality of disinfectant I was looking for.
This spray has a pleasant scent but after reading the ingredients listed on the can, I found that its disinfectant ability is not up to par with other disinfectant brands. It doesnt show/list ingredients on line but it was all that was available so I took a chance. If you want a disinfectant that kills coronavirus than I would buy this brand. If you just want something milder and fresh smelling then this product will accomplish that.
GQ Review from
April 29, 2021
Great Lysol alternative
This is definitely my go to disinfectant when there's no Lysol available. The smell is pleasant, fresh, and clean. I use it through out my entire home and office. I even use it in my car. Definitely a Great Value!
cherie.h Review from
January 27, 2021
Works as well as any name brand, though I do wish the smell wasn't quite as strong, or that a more neutral scent was available. Out of linen and the other available smell, linen is the better but it is still very strong. As a mother of toddlers, I do with the top could twist to "lock" the product as a safety precaution. Even with that said, I generally buy this over the more expensive brands.
Barry Review from
February 21, 2021
Must buy when available.
Highly in demand due to COVID. Use on everything that hands touch regularly. Door handles, knobs, faucets, keyboards, exits, in the car, spray off clothing, multiple places. Safety measure for germs and viruses. Get plenty when possible.
90210vbn Review from
June 2, 2020
Very Effective, Pleasant Scent, doesn't linger.
I like the scent. It's light and goes away before too long. Unlike Lysol which leaves a lingering stink. Can't understand why it is still out of stock. It's nuts. Can't even order it. This products works really well on shoes that get wet and mildewy!
becca.c Review from
April 15, 2020
My family uses this on EVERYTHING. Right now, with alll this #coronacraziness comes in handy. When I have to leave the house to get supplies/groceries, I keep this in my car so when Im done shopping, I can spray my mask and gloves (also for anyone that cant use latex gloves like i cant, i recommend buying a cheap pair of gardening gloves from menards!). This way, I dont have to worry about the possibility of bringing any germs into my home.
Carla Review from
May 7, 2020
100% satisfied
The cans are very large which was a nice surprise, the linen smell is fresh while still smelling like it will do the job I bought it disinfect. Also, it's not as expensive as that "other" brand. I'm happy with the purchase and will definitely purchase again. BTW, I bought 3 and am so glad I did because anything with the word disinfectecting is hard to come by these days.
MS60 Review from
June 16, 2020
Disinfectant spray, great stuff !!
I mostly like that I was able to purchase a can of this!!! Haven't been able to for months, but finally got lucky. And it's like the national brand (Starts with an "Ell"), having a similar, fresh and clean smell. And the price was great too, as always with Walmart. Not like the sleazy scum
peaches32 Review from
April 13, 2020
BLESSING to find during covid19 pandemic
Smells good and works just as well as lysol. Had been unable to find due to covid19 pandemic, were on our last can. A huge blessing to find on shelf today when desperately needed! From a family of a mito child who depends on this daily (and keeps a 4wk supply) to help save our child's life we say THANK YOU WALMART!!
DENISE Review from
April 12, 2021
Disinfectant spray
Well Im glad everyone commenting on here gets to buy be cause every time I go to Walmart theres nothing every thing is gone maybe at Walmart by my way. Im lucky I fine wipes. But this spray and other I never find. shelve are empty always it dont fail.
yehpy Review from
July 19, 2020
Great product Great value!
This is my everything spray for home, work, gym and public places. Just like all things, you trust what the label says, but If your that particular type of brand person then move on, because some of us appreciate this product very well. Also, I feel more comfortable using this soft smelling action giving product on my soft surfaces then the leading brands.
GeorgiGirl Review from
March 3, 2020
Great spray, economical, equal to name brands
Great scent and antibacterial properties. I feel confident it's destroying odors and germs when used. It's equal in quality to name brand products, but a little less the price. Bottle lasts a long time and I'm very happy with this.
Lin Review from
October 24, 2020
Employees keep for themselves?
Was told on the phone that they keep the spray and wipes at the front desk. But there is no sign on the shelves telling customers that. And online said both wipes and spray available. But was told only wipes. And front desk employees look uneasy when I said I was told those were kept there and not very forth coming
shawnee.p Review from
February 10, 2020
Great for flu season. Usually, we buy Lysol when our kids are sick but for cost reasons my husband grabbed the Great Value brand. I loved the linen scent as it made the house smell fresh and clean. I sprayed the doorknobs and bathrooms. Thankfully the flu left our house by using this and tamiflu. I have also used it for musty odors like boys smelly shoes. The cost is about 3-5 dollars but the can lasts a long time.
Loretta Review from
September 3, 2020
Great Value!
This spray is affordable and disappeared after 2 weeks, when the "Stay Home" order began. Guess someone needed it more than me., especially, when disinfectant became scarce. Need to buy more, if I can find it, because I am a House Cleaner, for a living. Otherwise, this would have lasted me years.
Review from
September 24, 2019
Good review
I like the price. Thank you so much. But I hope you even bring the price down to the dollar please once in a while. I have a noncurable disease. I need to use Lysol daily frequently and I cannot afford it. It is for the sake of my health and those around me that I need this necessary product but Im disabled cause if my disease and cannot afford it. Anyhow. Thank you for helping the poor with your great prices Walmart !!!!
WhydIdothis Review from
April 29, 2020
Hoarding customers!
I have used this product for years and it doesn't take much for coverage and protection so those of you buying "several cans" at a time, stop it, you are using too much and hoarding so that others can't make a purchase. SELFISH! I have been attempting to purchase this product as I have always had for the past 5 years and after two months, it can't be obtained in store or online, something wrong with the hoarders in this area.
smidge86 Review from
July 27, 2020
Great product for disinfecting
Literally Lysol with a different label. Same exact chemical compounds found in Lysol. If you see it grab it. No need to wait for Lysol to be restocked, it smells better too. No dry throat itchy feeling after use.
sherry.r Review from
February 1, 2021
love the light scent and that it's a disinfectant. I've been buying it for years at our local Walmart. It's become very hard to find any of it now. The store will say they have it..can't buy online....only in store...when you get there it's gone. It's less than 3.00 dollars a can....think people are price gouging....I don't mind paying a little more but some are ridiculous...
aimee.l Review from
April 21, 2020
Great Value is a great, less expensive alternative than Lysol when available. We use this brand equally as much as the name brand. It provides the same quality disinfectant with and equally pleasant scent. We love the value of Great Value! I would definitely buy again!
sas100 Review from
November 4, 2017
Great desinfecting spray
Well Walmart is a great company, with one of the best prices nationwide. And this desinfecting spray really does a great job. We use it also for the wardrobes,closets, carpets, sofas, toilet, walls, bed, matresses. And it eliminates bacteries immediately. I also use it for the carpet in our hallway of our apartment building, and all the bad smell is gone immediately, because it eliminates the bacteries that cause the bad smell. What else do we want, improves our life qualiry for a very good price.
Karen Review from
May 5, 2020
I love thid product. I aways buy it. I buy at least 2 bottles at a time when I shop at Walmart. I am so disappointed is so hard to get it now. I do understand there is a shortage. I was so happy to be able to get one ordered on line. I can't wait to be able to buy again. This is a great product. Thank you so much.
briedea Review from
July 17, 2021
Works As Well As Leading Brand
I picked this up last minute after one of our children came down with a stomach bug. Yuck. I spray this on frequently touched surfaces and it always helps prevent spread of illness in our house.
Marilyn Review from
March 16, 2021
Great Value Fresh Linen Scent Disinfectant Spray
Good product when you can find it. Seems to have the same ingredients that other higher priced products have. Used this for years and never had a problem.
lyndsey.g Review from
April 14, 2020
Ive gone through more cans of this than Id like to admit. Good thing its so affordable! Covid 19 has me sorting down everything that enters my house. GV disinfectant spray has a nice clean scent and really isnt too overpowering. Definitely recommend!
Izzie Review from
September 10, 2016
Great Value Disinfectant Spray, 19 oz
I like this disinfectant spray it smells great and it seems to do the job well. The bottle is a great size for the price compare to other main brands. I definitly would say buy with confidence! I was content with my purchase and I will be trying the other scents as well. I know what the fresh linen scent smells like and I like the scent but I'm will to try other scents as well. I also must add so far has shipped all the things I've order in great packaged and condition. I'm very confident ordering online from
ECBuyer Review from
November 16, 2014
Cheaper Disinfectant, but still gets the job done!
I like this product for the value, first off. It is much cheaper than the leading brand , but does the same job. The can is easy to spray and just as good of quality as you would expect from the leading brand. I only wish it was a little less strong on the nose. I often have to walk out of the room/area I sprayed it in because the smell is overwhelming. This is a problem with lots of these types of cleaners but this one seems to be especially strong. I would however, recommend this product to a friend. I also use it at my work when disinfecting rooms and surfaces many children come in contact
Bob Review from
March 8, 2017
Less than half the cost of the name brand
I bought a bottle of the name brand at a competitors when they were buy one get one free. (they ring up half off) Then I happened to check Walmart and found these and bought a bottle. I returned the name brand one for I think it was $2.95. This was $2.62. Just goes to show you that I trust Walmart brands even when they are only 11% cheaper than the name brand. They are 19oz bottles. Not sure why it says 3oz above. I'm sure this bottle will last me many years. PS. Walmart charges $4.97 so $2.62 is 47% off their everyday price.
sandy Review from
August 9, 2020
Love the price and product, but experience with the cashier Lisa and Maria was horrible. I saw no sign that it said 1 per customer, saw some ladies grabbing like 6 when I went to pay Lisa told me it was 1 per customer even though I had scanned 2 already. If there is a limit it should be lock Maria came and took them off from me I don't think they did the same with the previous ladies. They didn't even put them back on the shelves.
jen.l Review from
January 21, 2020
Ive actually started buying movies in place of buying Lysol spray. The reason being is that these work just as well and are a fraction of the price. I honestly cant see paying anywhere from eight dollars through in dollars a bottle when I can pay just over three dollars a bottle and get a product that works equally the same. To me that is like price gouging. If one hasnt tried the generic brand, I strongly suggest they do.
hannah.g Review from
April 20, 2020
Since covid has started I have not been able to find Lysol spray so I bought two of these from Walmart. They work just as great! Just spray and either let dry or wipe down. I like to let it air dry. Just read on the back you can use it on fabric, excited to try this!
marisa.h Review from
July 12, 2020
During Corona Virus this was impossible to find! Walmart finally got stock of it and I couldnt be happier. It is just like a Lysol disinfectant spray but cheaper and I happen to love the smell! Walmart does have a limit on how many you can buy but I have been going in and out of the store to stock up!
Wilma Review from
April 23, 2020
Very Surprised! Just As Good If Not Better Than The Brand Name. The Fresh Scent Is Lovely. Would Definitely Buy Again. Price Was On Point. Thank You Great Value!!! Highly Recommend
Elle Review from
August 2, 2021
It works great just a little strong if you breathe it in. You just need some ventilation. One lasts a long time! Great price.
Rebecca Review from
July 26, 2020
Great Value, Great Product!
I love Great Value spray disinfectant, just wish it was more widely available, but I understand why. The smell is great and it is a lot cheaper than the name brand but works just as well and smells better. Freshens up the air and also sanitizes places where my dogs like to hang out.