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Bunzl Distribution Midcentral From: 58344276 To: 58344278 - Disinfecting Spray

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Bunzl Distribution Midcentral:
58344276 - 58344278
FSA Eligible
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58344278Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 12/cs (DROP SHIP ONLY)32 oz12 / Case
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Kills 99.9% of germs on hand, non-porous surfaces within 30 seconds. Formula is tuberculocidal, virucidal, fungicidal and bactericidal. Effective against HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), Poliovirus Type 1 and Hepatitis A. Prevents odors and growth of damaging mold and mildew. Meets AOAC germicidal spray product test standards for hospital aerosol disinfectants. Meets the requirements of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard for Decontamination. EPA Registration No: 777-72-675.
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Manufacturer Bunzl Distribution Midcentral
Categories Cleaning Supplies, Disinfectant Spray, Miscellaneous, Other Living Aids
Code 58344276 - 58344278
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Oral Precision|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
31 Review
Leigh Review from
April 3, 2021
Love it - It's a must have
I have used this for 2 out of my 3 toilets for years !! Don't know what I'll do without it. Keeps the toilet bowl nice and clean for about 3 months, more or less, depending on how often you flush your toilet. After years of using it I did have to replace 1 rubber flapper, but that is not a problem at all, as there are bleach resistant flapper out there and so far I have not had any problems. There is no strong ordor as some other people have complained about. Without using these tablets I'd have to scrub my toilet bowls at least 2/month; but with these, once every 3 months only after the table
kat Review from
October 23, 2021
It is what it is
These work and with hard water, that is it. They do not damage toilet. The will eventually deteriorate your flapper and you get ghost flushing but big deal. Replace the 2 dollar part. Takes at least a year or 3 for this to happen even with my nasty water. As for the smell? OMG it is BLEACH. You are buying BLEACH. Only dropped a star because for a product such as this I feel the price is obscene. Note: does not CLEAN but after cleaning it will KEEP things clean. And if u got pets, you should be keeping your lid down anyway.
Joe Review from
September 17, 2021
Less scrubbing for me!
I have never used any kind of toilet aid if you will, before using these. It was always doing the tried and true scrub the toilet once a week. Im actually quite impressed with how clean these actually keep the toilet bowl. This said, interestingly, since using them, its now somewhat Difficult to flush the toilet. Its as though the inside component is sticking. Not sure if its coincidence or actually related. Will update my review if I figure it out.
SuzanneK Review from
January 4, 2022
Good Product
As far as people saying it has a nauseating smell, I don't agree with that. It does smell like bleach because it is bleach. It does keep the toilets clean and I have hard water and discoloration. Please note it is activated by the flushing of the toilet. The more flushing, the better. I have two toilets I don't use regularly so I go in there at least once a day to flush those. It beats using CLR in the toilets and it is cheaper. I'm a fan.
menna.a Review from
March 11, 2020
Clorox provides you with the perfect way to clean your toilet, stain free. Clorox Cleanser comes in a box with its distinctive design and ease of use. Clorox Regent ScentBall Cleanser removes tough stains, eliminates unpleasant odors and leaves the toilets clean and clean. This cleaner has a distinctive design with angled nozzle, allowing you to easily clean even the hard to reach areas. This cleaner includes a powerful formula, providing you with deep and distinctive cleaning. Also, this cleaner is safe for sanitation systems, which eliminates bacteria perfectly. This Clorox cleaner comes in
martha.d Review from
September 14, 2020
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner - with Bleach [Rain Clean Scent] positively love this toilet bowl cleaner. The reasons I enjoy this particular product is because it clings to the toilet bowl in a way that allows ample time to start your scrubbing of the toilet bowl much before it starts to run down the side of the bowl and onto the water. Not only that this product actually kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria it also has five times the cleaning action it cleans 50% better and longer than any other bowl cleaner and it destroys tough stains. I suggest that you Influensters' try the Clorox toilet bowl c
Walter Review from
October 29, 2021
great sanitizer!
I got this for a toilet that is used infrequently. The bowl needed cleaning every few days as it would develop water marks and mild build up from stagnant water. Once putting this in, the water remains crystal clear with a very mild scent that is not overpowering at all for bleach. The water marks no longer appear and unlike some of the blue tablets, it does not leave residue. Terrific product!
Njoy Review from
February 12, 2021
Cleaner toilet for longer!
I see lots of negative reviews for this product, but Ive never had a problem in the full year that Ive used them. I Really like this product. I feel like it really keeps my toilets cleaner longer. Especially with two young boys, I need all the help I can get. I have tried another brand and it didnt clean and sanitize the way this one does. I can tell when I need to add a new tablet because the toilet bowl loses that fresh clean sparkle look. These are a staple in my cleaning routine. I deep clean the whole toilet then I add a new tablet and my toilet stays much cleaner longer! Definitely recom
annoyed Review from
May 8, 2021
Works great!
Ive had this in my tank for a few days now so I cant review based on a long-time use, but I know that over a few days after cleaning my toilet with Lysol/Clorox cling cleaner Ill start seeing that pink/lime scale start to show up/build up. Using this Clorox tablet is definitely slowing that down! I just wish I purchased on that was scented. I keep my toilet lid closed always, but after a day or so I could smell the Clorox if I go near the bathroom. I also did not realize how big these tablets were, so I definitely see how each pod can last weeks.
Meghan Review from
February 16, 2021
These work extremely well. I was struggling so much with hard water stains on my toilet - having to scrub every few days. Once I started using these, I hardly have to scrub my toilet at all. I'm coming to the end of month 3 and the original tablet I used is still going strong. Highly recommend. It also gives the toilet just a very light bleach smell every time I flush, which always makes me satisfied that it's staying clean.
Stacey Review from
September 20, 2020
Works well to keep toilet clean, but smells awful
These work well. When we use them, our toilet bowls stay fresher between proper deep cleanings. However, they the smell from them is awful! Its so powerful your entire bathroom will stink of a weird Clorox smell. Its such a powerful smell, it makes me worry to use these near children or near beds where people sleep. Its also not a clean or pleasant scent, it is highly offensive and gross. While I like that they keep my toilets LOOKING fresh and clean, the horrible smell is a dealbreaker.
tjh Review from
Home Depot
December 31, 2019
So far. So good. I purchased these not to drop in the toilet tank as designed, b
So far. So good. I purchased these not to drop in the toilet tank as designed, but to replace the refillable cartridges for one of those "flush and fill" type kits. The refill cartridges for those are ridiculously costly for what you get, hard to find and don't last more than a month or so, despite the manufacturer's claims to the contrary. You can find how to do this online, if you have difficulty figuring it out. This method saves money. It costs a fraction of what the replacement cartridges cost. It prevents the known issues of deterioration of the soft parts in the toilet tank when the tab
Ceg Review from
March 25, 2021
Great product
Excellent product. I absolutely love these. Just drop it in tank and let it do its job. It helps deter hard water stains. One possible negative: its a bit hard to open. Each tablet is sealed individually, so scissors are necessary to open packet. But no big deal. Highly recommend
tina.b Review from
March 27, 2021
Clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach Rain Clean. One of the most horrible jobs people have to do, Clean the toilet!! I noticed when you put in the Clorox toilet cleaner into the water and sides leave sit on there for 10 minutes. Use a toilet brush to clean out the bowl. The smell is fresh and clean. I use this after I remove the rust stains in the toilet. When I'm finish I have a clean toilet and germ free.
Johnny Review from
Home Depot
April 16, 2018
First of all, being a plumber, I understand the potential for loose objects in t
First of all, being a plumber, I understand the potential for loose objects in the toilet tank to float or move due to water currents and pressure. The best way I find to keep this from happening is get yourself a small jar with a screw on plastic or metal lid, a glass jar will have the weight to stay in place in a corner of the tank. Poke holes in the jar lid, place tablet in jar, screw on lid fill jar full of water and sit in tank. When you flush the jar will release some of the product. I found this product to be effective with odors but as for the cleaning ability and even starting with a
Elsa2006 Review from
December 7, 2021
Excellent for toilet bowl mold
For those who live in wet-winter areas of the country, you know all about the constant battle with the black mold that forms almost overnight on toilets and make an unsightly scene. These tabs effectively help with the perpetual mold formation and help maintain the regular cleaning cycle. The only thing is that that the smell is fairly unpleasant.
naomi.y Review from
April 29, 2020
Usually I buy something else to clean our toilet but since this whole pandemic it has been hard to find. So I got this since it was the only thing left sitting on the shelf. This did a wonderful job and I have well water. It cleaned out the hard water and bleached out the stains. I barely had to scrub with my toilet brush because it basically did all the work for me. It left a shine and my bathroom smells a little bleachy, but thats a small price to pay when it did such a great job. Im probably sticking with this one instead.
Kathy Review from
December 11, 2021
Could be better
The product works, it keeps the toilet bowl clean but I can see what people are talking about the smell. I dont smell it all over the house but I do smell it when coming into the bathroom, its definitely a little annoying but nothing some Fabuloso cant fix. I think that the product is great but if theres a way they could fix the smell it would be even better.
Sam Review from
July 7, 2021
Would recommend but...
Does what its supposed to. We have hard water so it keeps are toilets cleaner for longer. The only reason I give 4 stars is because the smell is overwhelming. I guess I shouldnt have been surprised by this but its like walking into a freshly cleaned public bathroom. Would still recommend.
mary.s Review from
April 12, 2020
I love keeping this product on hand to clean my toilets and other porcelain. This stuff is amazing at cutting stains in the shower. I run it all along the top of the shower and let it drip down the walls. Grab a clean broom and scrub the whole area really good. Use a pitch of water to rinse it all off and the white tiles shines like its brand new. I also use this in my clients homes to leave the bathroom smelling super glam and germ free.
Grana Review from
May 4, 2021
Works BEST!
I have tried other brands of similar product and did not like. I do not like color in these products. This product works wonderfully and leaves a fresh clean smell for months. Would be wonderful if was kept in stock in store and priced more reasonably.
Review from
June 28, 2020
I really like this toilet bowl cleaner i feel like it really does a deep deep clean . I often buy this one it the lysol bleach toilet bowl cleaner. I like them both . Something about having that bleach really knowing its a deep clean makes me feel good. Only con of it is if you prefer more natural products this is not for you. But if u like bleach clean in the toilet then this is for u !!!
Kahunagirl Review from
August 4, 2021
Keeping Toilets Clean in the South
These work great too keep the mold and mildew out of your toilets after your thoroughly clean them. My two toilets that were constant problems no longer have any mold or mildew. My new toilets don't have as much metal as my previous home so the bleach tablets will not rust out the components.
vaelyn.p Review from
April 27, 2021
For cleaning toilet and bathroom this is a good to go product. Cleans easilh and effectively. The smell is littlenirritating in certain flavours but cleaning wise it does its job amazingly. Using this everyday in our house. Trust worthy product.
sherry.g Review from
February 5, 2021
This thing is okay... It does change the toilet water color to blue in a few seconds and leaves a fresh scent after you flush the toilet every time. However, I don't see much result of self-cleaning the toilet. I still need to scrub the bowl every week otherwise the stain builds up. Also, it definitely doesn't last 3 months as it claims on the package. 3 weeks max.
amber.b Review from
April 21, 2020
LOVE this stuff! When we moved into our house they had hard water and it would leave gross rings in the toilet. It honestly looked like they hardly ever got cleaned. Which I know isnt the case it was the waters fault. I tired other cleaners but they didnt help super well. This work wonders its easy to use and got the toilets looking nice and clean. Adding a scoring stick does a lot of help too.
andrea.m Review from
November 27, 2018
This product was easy to use and cleans well. After repeated use, it even bleached out some old stains on the porcelain which i could not get rid of despite multiple scrubs with different detergents. It certainly keeps the toilet very clean. However, it definitely releases a bleach smell from the toilet water, and it is stronger than that of a typical swimming pool. So, if this scent bothers you, this product may not be for you. I would also not recommend this product for anyone with small children or pets in the house - it bleaches so well that it is probably not a good idea to come into dire
caryn.c Review from
May 2, 2020
Love this cleaner for more than it's traditional use. I use this to clean stains on grout in my kitchen. I clean the caulk in my shower if it gets dirty, by putting it directly on the grout for a little while then rinsing it off. I quick clean my toilet by putting it in there and closing the lid, then I just do whatever and come back and flush and it cleans it with no scrubbing. It's also good for tye dying shirts .
TKB Review from
August 1, 2020
Break into pieces for smaller spaces
I LOVE Clorox cleaner tablets. They keep the toilet bowl clean and prevent stains from forming. For those worried about a strong bleach smell, break a tablet and only put in half. This works great for smaller spaces or toilets that aren't used as often. I typically replace the tablets monthly.
jdc007 Review from
September 25, 2020
Best toilet tablets bar none. Superior to others.
Best tablets on the market by far. Those others are colored junk. These are powerful and really keep the bowl clean for a long time. Pay the extra and buy these instead of the cheap ineffective ones. These don't color the water blue like some might like, but so what?
sarah.p Review from
April 2, 2020
This product cleans very thoroughly but it smells terrible and way too strong to me for what it is. There are other varieties of clorox toilet bowl cleaner that work just as good as this, without the harsh strong chemical smell. If they are out of any other clorox brand, I'd buy this. Otherwise I'm going for a better scented one.