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Tips for Dental Health on Teens

Asking a teenager for personal health care or even suggesting them what to do may be challenging. Oral health is no exception to the rule, but many teenagers are getting more and more compromised with their dental appearance thanks to the social media and social networks. A beautiful face, accompanied by a wide-open smile, is lovely to many. Even braces seem to be a fashion trend sometimes.

Straight-forward advisement to young men and women must come with a friendly approach, so that they do not feel oppressed or treated like children, in any way.

Sugary Foods and Drinks Cause Dental Issues

Sugary drinks (sweetened and unsweetened) and foods usually have acidic flavor additives that cause severe harm to the teeth. Since these are very popular in schools, and teenagers do not even notice how bad these affect their dental health, there are many campaigns against their regular consumption, and promoting better oral care.

Of course, sugary drinks and foods are the favorites for children and teenagers, but sometimes they all need to see cases of real sweet food abuse and poor dental health care, to find out the horrible consequences. They not only cause cavities but also harm the enamel of the teeth, weakening them and exposing them to several different problems.

A tip if you or your teenager kid just cannot quit drinking soda is to do it through a straw, to reduce the contact of the drink with the teeth. Also, rinsing the mouth after drinking or eating sugary food helps to avoid these problems.

Oral Applications and Piercings May Harm Your Teeth

Something that specialist rarely mention is that piercings may chip your teeth and cause bruises to your mouth in ways that are not usually told by piercing artists.

These can cause fractures in the enamel of the teeth, or go more in-depth, which usually requires a root canal or even taking out the tooth.

Both things can be undoubtedly painful and may lead to severe infections, compromising breathing and even transfer diseases like blood-borne hepatitis.

Wear mouthguards when playing contact sports

A vast number of teenagers who play contact sports suffer from dental problems and several injuries to both mouth and jaw. It is always essential to wear a mouthguard or protective equipment just in case accidents happen.

These dental accessories may be custom-fitted or regular ones from the store. The important thing is to wear them, to avoid bruises, losing or cracking your teeth, and, in general, to prevent a visit to your dentist or even go through a surgical procedure.

Healthy habits are the Key to the Dental Health of Teens

Eating healthy snacks and actual meals, as well as keeping constant dental health care may improve your dental health.

An excellent way to do so is keeping great daily habits, such as brushing teeth correctly, the use of dental floss, cleansing the mouth with dental wash, washing the mouth with water right after eating food or sugary drinks if you do not have anything else at hand, or maybe chewing sugarless gum.

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Also, visiting a dentist regularly, at least twice a year is mandatory to have excellent dental health, for both teenagers and adults.

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