Oral Health videos

How to prevent and remove tartar in 5 easy steps
Do you suffer from tartar on your teeth? Check out this video to learn how to prevent and remove tartar view more
How to Prevent Bad Breath Eating the Right Amount of Carbs
Have you ever wondered what is the source of your bad breath problem? Discover how to prevent bad breath eating view more
Postoperative Instructions after Dental Extraction
Watch this video to find out the most common and important postoperative instructions after having a dental extraction procedure. view more
Buccal Fat Removal Surgery (Bichectomy Surgery)
Do you know what a Buccal Fat Removal Surgery is? Also known as Bichectomy, the general procedure is explained in view more
Difference between Oral Surgeon and General Dentist
In this video, you will learn which are the differences between a general dentist and an oral maxillofacial surgeon, explained view more
Adult Dental Care
Dental Care is vital as growing up, particularly when becoming an adult, in order to preserve a healthy smile. Learn view more
Dental Plaque
Discover more about dental plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms on teeth that causes gum disease (irritation, view more
Dental Plaque and Calculus
Learn more about plaque, a biofilm formed by bacteria on the teeth resulting from saliva and food scraps; one of view more